Install a Pi-Dashboard on your RPi

Pi-Dashboard is an open source IoT device monitoring tool released by Pi-Assistant. Currently, Pi Dashboard is aimed at Raspberry Pi platform, and it is also compatible with other Pi hardware products as much as possible. All you need to do is install the PHP server environment on the Raspberry Pi, and you can easily deploy the Pi-dashboard to monitor the status of the Pi through the cool WebUI.

Currently, the following monitoring items have been added:

  • Real-time data such as CPU basic information, status, and utilization
  • Real time data used by memory, cache, and SWAP partitions
  • SD card (disk) usage
  • Real-time load data
  • Implementation process data
  • Real-time data for the network interface
  • Raspberry PI IP, runtime, operating system, HOST and other basic information

Deploy the Pi-Dashboard

Upload the files to your ” /var/www/html ” directory on your Raspberry.

After that, you will be able to access the Pi-Dashboard from http://Your RPi-IP/pi-dashboard , like below.



  • Q: which Browser does Pi Dashboard’s WebUI support?
  • A: you can view it on any terminal with A browser, whether it’s A laptop, A Pad or A smartphone. Pi Dashboard has a responsive layout for different devices.
  • Q: what if I can’t access it through the IP of the external network?
  • A: Isps in many regions may no longer provide independent IP of the outer network. They can access the outer network through NAT tools or other methods. For users who already have a separate IP on the external network, try changing the Nginx service port from 80 to another port number and adding port number access after the IP address. This is because port 80 is generally banned by some Isps.
  • Q: I have a domain name. How do I bind a domain name to raspberry pie?
  • A: you can refer to DNSPod dynamic IP analysis update program and raspberry PI to build LNMP environment. After pointing the domain name to raspberry PI IP, you need to modify the servername of Nginx website configuration for your domain name.

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